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Roof Pressure Washing

If you’ve been considering hiring a contractor to pressure wash your roof, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a guide to low-pressure roof pressure washing, what it costs, and how to choose a contractor. If you’re considering getting a roof-pressure wash, read on to learn how to find a great contractor and how to get a beautiful roof once and for all. After reading this guide, you’ll be ready to hire a roof pressure washing near you! Visit This Site

Low-pressure roof pressure washing

Using low-pressure roof cleaning is one of the most cost-effective methods for cleaning the roof. The use of high pressure is not recommended, as the resulting airborne spores can breed on the roof and spread throughout the entire surface. Besides, replacing the roof can be costly, as it may need to be replaced due to a variety of factors, including the damage caused by a deteriorating roof. Low-pressure roof cleaning is safe and effective, and can be done for a fraction of the price of a replacement roof.

The cost of low-roof pressure washing is about $0.30 to $0.70 per square foot. The process uses chemical solutions that kill moss and algae, but is much less intense than pressure washing. It can be used on some types of shingle roofs, as it is gentle enough to kill moss and algae without damaging the roof’s underlying structure. Low-pressure roof washing is recommended if you are looking to get an all-over clean for your roof and don’t want to risk its structural integrity.

The benefits of low-pressure roof cleaning are many. For one, black streaks prevent the shingles from reflecting sunlight and can increase the cost of cooling the home. Furthermore, algae feed on limestone in shingles and slowly break them down. If left uncleaned, black streaks can reduce the lifespan of shingles by half. In addition, a properly cleaned roof will look pristine and maintain its warranty. You can contact low-pressure roof pressure washing near me to schedule a cleaning for your home.


There are many factors that affect the cost of roof pressure washing. While the cost per square foot varies greatly, most homeowners find that the average home’s roof is approximately 2,250 square feet. Therefore, the cost to pressure wash a typical roof will run between $338 and $1,530. Listed below are the various factors that affect the price of roof pressure washing. You can find a reliable company by checking the Better Business Bureau.

The price per square foot will vary depending on the type of material and materials used. A zinc oxide application will cost $0.05 to $0.15 per square foot. A chemical wash, also known as a “soft wash,” uses a chemical solution such as sodium hydroxide or lye to kill lichens and algae. While these chemicals are effective, they can damage tiles and other surfaces that are prone to moss.

In addition to labor, the cost of roof pressure washing varies depending on the type of cleaning method used. A high-pressure roof wash will cost between $0.20 and $0.70 per square foot. Moss-growing on a roof will require a chemical wash first before a high-pressure wash. Low-pressure roof cleaning is a cheaper option, but will not damage the material as much as high-pressure washing. You can also choose to combine a low-pressure roof wash with a chemical wash for a complete cleaning. Read This Page



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