Reimagine Middle Branch Waterfront

Reimagine Middle Branch Waterfront

In the reimagine Middle Branch plan, one of the early priorities is a new east-west bridge. The trail connecting the fitness and wellness center and Middle Branch Park will cross the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge, go alongside the waterfront in front of MedStar Harbor Hospital, and connect to Reedbird Park. The planned trail would have six feet of headroom. It would also need to be re-aligned to pass underneath Little Hanover St. and Potee St. bridges. Browse around this site

Ridgely’s Cove

A 150-acre waterfront park offers sweeping views of the city skyline and scenic hiking and biking trails. Enjoy the park’s picnic areas, fishing piers, and walking paths. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at Ridgely’s Cove. For the kids, there’s an adventure playground. Families can have a picnic or take a picnic basket to a nearby park.

As part of the proposed waterfront improvements, Ridgley’s Cove would become a public park, complete with open space adjacent to private developments. It would also expand to include large marshes that would function as green stormwater infrastructure. In addition to creating a natural area at Gwynns Falls, it would include a boardwalk and trail system that would link the three parks and the park itself.

Middle Branch Park

The future of Middle Branch Park depends on a redesign of the waterfront. A 2007 master plan included Middle Branch Park. The plan aimed to maintain natural habitat while balancing the need for increased public access. In some ways, this plan seems like a blueprint for what the future could hold. It’s still early in the project, but the neighborhood will certainly benefit from it. In the meantime, there are still many ways to help make Middle Branch Park a better place to live. Check it out here

Located on the shoreline, Middle Branch Park has two piers and different areas for relaxing on the shoreline. The east end of the park has a large pier, with benches and a boat ramp. The west end of the park is mostly flat, so you can enjoy the views of the Baltimore skyline while staying afloat. Located on the Gwynns Falls Trail, this park is close to the Inner Harbor.

Reimagine Middle Branch

A community-led initiative to transform Middle Branch, Maryland, has announced new concepts for the park’s Patapsco River shoreline. The project will incorporate environmental stewardship and educational opportunities to build connections and economic opportunities across the surrounding neighborhoods. The project has been in the works for decades and aims to create a world-class waterfront that serves the interests of local residents and visitors alike. A virtual public meeting was held on February 24 to provide insight into the project and answer questions. The session featured presentations by the team of local and national consultants, including James Corner Field Operations.

One of the first priorities of the Reimagine Middle Branch plan is an east-west bridge. A second priority is the Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center. This trail would connect the Middle Branch Fitness and Wellness Center with the Patapsco River and the waterfront area in front of MedStar Harbor Hospital. A planned trail in the park would be six feet wide, but new alignments would be needed for Potee Street and Little Hanover Street bridges.

Points of interest near or along the trail system

The Reimagine Middle Branch plan calls for improvements to the public open space in Middle Branch Park. This would include wider sidewalks, more trail space, fishing overlooks, and more. The park is already surrounded by several neighborhoods, including Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, and Port Covington. The new trail system would connect those neighborhoods to Swann Park and Black Sox Park. To the east, the trail system would connect with the newly built “Underpass Park” at the intersection of Sharp and Stockholm Streets.

The new Middle Branch Park development includes a new boathouse, improved boating piers, and an expanded playground. The existing boathouse is also a community hub with a food hall and social space. The park’s outdoor covered pavilion would be great for large gatherings, and the park is also undergoing “complete street” treatments that will improve pedestrian safety and access. Eventually, the entire park will feature a new skateboard park.

Plans for a fitness & wellness center

Middle Branch Park in Cherry Hill, Maryland, is set to get a new multipurpose fitness & wellness center. Located near the existing community center, the project will update its pool and add additional fitness and wellness amenities. The proposed facility will include three pools, multiple fitness rooms, a maker space and a dog park. The project is expected to be completed by 2022. The facility will also feature a shared-use trail, basketball courts, a tennis court and soccer field.

The Reimagine Middle Branch plan includes the construction of an east-west bridge and the new Middle Branch Park fitness & wellness center. The project would connect the existing park to the newly revitalized Middle Branch Park, as well as the nearby community. Middle Branch Park would also feature a trail linking the fitness center to Reedbird Park and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge. The trail would feature six-foot headroom. The new trail would also connect Middle Branch to the $23 million Cherry Hill Fitness & Wellness Center at Reedbird Park.

Baltimore’s historic cultural heritage

The proposed plan would include a new boathouse, improved boating piers, and expanded playground areas. Additionally, it would incorporate a social space and food hall in the park’s existing boathouse, and build an outdoor covered pavilion for large gatherings. The proposed improvements would also enhance pedestrian safety and access. Middle Branch Park and its historic cultural heritage are important features of Waterview. It is in the city’s master plan. Click for more

The neighborhood is also home to Mount Auburn Cemetery, which holds the remains of approximately 43,000 Baltimoreans. This cemetery represents a century of interaction with nature, especially as a post-slavery gesture. The cemetery’s redesigned green spaces serve as an oasis for city dwellers and culturally-minded residents. This cemetery also preserves Baltimore’s African-American cultural heritage. It is an important part of the neighborhood, offering visitors a cultural connection to nature, as well as a respite from a bustling urban environment.

Driving Direction from Superior Softwash to Middle Branch Park

Driving Direction from Middle Branch Park to Queenstown Park



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