Queenstown Park Severn MD is a Safe Tolerance Community

Queenstown Park Severn

Located 2 miles southwest of Queenstown Park in Severn, Maryland, the community of Queenstown is primarily black. It has a great reputation for being a safe and tolerant place for kids to play. A newly constructed playground has made the community even more kid-friendly. But what exactly is this community? What makes it so unique? Continue reading to learn more about this community in Anne Arundel County. A great place to also visit is!

Queenstown is a predominantly black community

The city of Severn, Maryland is comprised of a mixed population of mostly middle class and upper-middle class residents. While Severn’s zip code encompasses a number of different areas, a majority of residents are white, and there is one predominantly black neighborhood. This city is home to several black churches, five confederate flags, and other monuments.

The city is home to the Baltimore Naval Academy, a historically black college preparatory school founded by Roland M. Teal in 1914. The school is ranked among the nation’s top 50 academic high schools, and belongs to the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association. Its students graduate from college at a rate of 99%, and it has the highest percentage of promotions to college.

It is in Anne Arundel County

In the Anne Arundel County, Maryland, you will find a beautiful park. Queenstown Park is a quaint neighborhood with many unique attractions. Located two miles south of Queenstown Park is the Severn Rosenwald School, a plain one-story frame building that held two classrooms and a library. This historic school closed in 1966, and was eventually turned into a community center. In 2009, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The community of Queenstown is a very small one, measuring less than two miles end to end. There are many different styles of homes for sale, ranging from fractions of an acre to large plots of land. While the community lacks a planned community or strict covenants, the residents are friendly and tolerate one another. The new playground is set to open Saturday, and the community is hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It is a tolerant community

The town of Queenstown, MD is a small community that measures 1.9 miles end to end. This tolerant community features houses of all shapes and sizes on lots that range from fractions of an acre to 10 acres. The town lacks strict covenants or planned neighborhoods, which may appeal to some. But other residents of Queenstown are happy to live in such an open community. Refer to This Web Page!

The Queenstown Improvement Association has organized a popular annual event known as Queenstown Day. The event kicks off with the gospel festival the night before. The Extensions of Faith Praise Choir performed during the event. The neighborhood is best known for its hometown parade, which features motorcycles, muscle cars, dump trucks, and a football team. The parade also draws politicians and the Severn Improvement Association.

It has a new playground

This summer, Queenstown Park Severn MD is adding a new playground. The original design of the park included a playground adjacent to the tennis court. That playground was never built, and the community was eager to add one. After a long planning process, a community “wish list” was developed and plans were put into motion. The park’s leadership and residents were pleased with the results.

This playground was funded through local impact grants provided by the Maryland Live Casino. To pay for the project, AACRP and Queenstown residents worked closely with Severn Parks Department officials and the city’s Capital Projects Manager. They worked to determine the design of the playground equipment and the pavilion’s color scheme. Once the playground was installed, the Severn Improvement Association was able to raise funds to install new play equipment, and the park’s pavilion will become more welcoming.

It has ADA improvements

A new ADA-compliant Town Hall is planned for the city of Severn, Maryland, to replace the existing building, which was built in 1900. The new building will feature workstations, broadband, and an accessible multi-purpose room. In addition to the new building, the town is planning to restore a stream and reduce stormwater flooding and sediment runoff downstream. As part of the project, the city has received a $3 million federal grant for the renovation of its Town Hall. See More Information!

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