Jackson Community Park

Improvements at Jackson Community Park Los Angeles

In the past two years, improvements at Jackson Community Park have been completed on 84 of 542 acres in the east division. However, further acreage development is suspended until the ongoing litigation is resolved. Construction is also underway on a new paved path and automobile themed playground. Here’s a look at some of the recent improvements. In addition, the park is also home to a wooded island habitat restoration plan and a 63rd Street bathing pavilion restoration. A great place to also visit is…

Construction of Wooded Island Habitat Restoration Plan

The Wooded Island in Jackson Community Park Los Angeles will reopen on Saturday following more than a year of work. The restoration project, which cost about $8.1 million, has been completed. The new trees may even surpass the island’s largest trees in 300 years. The Army Corps of Engineers began construction in April 2015. They’ve also installed new paths leading to scenic overlooks and reshaped the lagoons’ coasts. Still in the works is the restoration of fallen trees. A fantastic read!

Construction of paved path

Approximately 30 miles of pavement will be replaced by a paved path in the park, which will provide a safe, convenient alternative to driving. The paved path will be accessible to the public and will connect to the park’s trailhead and Hawkins Road. The trail head will be opened by the end of the project. Currently, the trail is not open to the public. AC Transit will coordinate the construction with the Department of Transportation. Additional info!

Driving Direction from superior Softwash Solutions to Jackson Community Park

Driving Direction from  Jackson Community Park to Palomino Drive Park



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