How Much Does Roof Service Cost?

Soft Wash is a chemical cleaning process that protects and extends the longevity of your roof. It’s safe, eco-friendly, and recommended by shingle manufacturers. It also helps prevent mold, and rot and improves curb appeal.

When hiring a company to complete the Soft Wash for your roof, always do your research. Check online reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations. See our home page.


Soft washing is the preferred cleaning method for a number of exterior surfaces, including concrete and tile roofs. Unlike pressure washing, soft washing does not damage more fragile exterior surfaces. It uses low-pressure water and a biodegradable cleaning solution to clean the surface. This removes organic stains, dirt, mildew, mold, moss, and other growth. It also sterilizes the surface to prevent new growth.

This process also eliminates invasive plants like lichen, moss, and algae that can cause shingle damage. It also helps extend the life of your roof and improves curb appeal. Regular cleanings can even prevent fungus and mildew from growing, which can cause health problems and void your warranty.

The soft wash uses a higher concentration of cleaners to kill algae cells and spores. It also includes soaps that help the cleaner penetrate deeper into the cracks and pores of your roof. The cleaner is then rinsed off using a low-pressure spray that avoids damaging your shingles.


Soft washing is a safe cleaning process that uses biodegradable chemical cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly, recommended by roof shingle manufacturers, and won’t damage your lawn or plants. It also eliminates mildew and mold build-up, extending the life of your roof and improving your curb appeal.

It is the safest way to clean your home because it doesn’t use high pressure and is gentle on surfaces such as shingles. This type of cleaning method is especially important when you have a delicate roof that could be damaged by a high-pressure pressure washer.

A soft wash company will also ensure that the water they’re using is clean and doesn’t contain any contaminants. It will also be a good idea to ask the soft wash company if they offer a warranty or guarantee on their work. This will give you peace of mind that the job will be done correctly.


Soft Wash is a safe and effective way to clean your roof without damaging your shingles. It uses low-pressure rinsing to remove dirt and debris from the surface of your roof. This method of cleaning also helps to prevent the growth of moss, algae, and lichen. These organisms can damage shingles and lead to water leaks in your home.

Specialized cleaning solutions kill the roots of these organisms and leave your roof looking like new. This method also helps to prevent the formation of black streaks, which can damage your shingles. Soft washing can also help to reduce the number of ants, birds, and other pests that are attracted to your roof.

When choosing a roof cleaner, ask about their cleaning methods and make sure they use soft washing. This is an environmentally friendly and safe method of cleaning your roof, which will extend its life and improve your curb appeal. It will also save you money on costly repairs and replacements.


If you’re planning to clean your roof, you may be wondering how much the cost will be. The answer depends on the price of cleaning agents, tools, and equipment that your contractor uses to perform the job. These costs will be reflected under the Supplies/Materials category of your price estimate.

Soft wash roof cleaning is a process that uses low-pressure water to remove stains, dirt, mildew, and moss from the surface of your home’s roof. It is an effective way to clean your roof without damaging it. It also works well on shingles, which need a gentle cleaning method to prevent damage.

Pressure washing requires workers to climb on a ladder and use high-pressure water, which can cause irreparable damage to the roof and other surfaces. This can be dangerous for employees, especially when they are cleaning an old roof. Soft wash roof cleaning with a drone eliminates this risk, and it is also safer for the employees. Refer to This Web Page.



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